Stream against the mainstream.

Statement of intent

The CLA combines an expressive character with a sporty, contemporary design. A dramatic silhouette sub-divided by three prominent character lines gives the new CLA its masculine aura. A two-pipe exhaust system completes the dynamic ensemble.

Mercedes cla 200d sport

Love & Pace

What a rip-roaring ride! With DYNAMIC SELECT (available for certain models), select the “Sport” transmission mode and tighten your seat belt. In front of you lies much more than an everyday trip from A to B. Follow your own rhythm as you take bend after bend.

Mercedes cla 200d sport

Integral safety concept

We are driven by the vision of accident-free driving. Our integral safety concept takes us a step closer to achieving this. It is a comprehensive approach which paves the way for new, synergy-based technological solutions, a case in point being the ‘Intelligent Drive’ system which combines comfort and safety.


Mercedes cla 200d sport

CLA 200 d Style | CLA 200 Sport | CLA 200 d Sport

Technical Data

Technical data - Mercedes cla 200d sport


Mercedes benz cla 200 specs - Panoramic Sliding Sunroof

Panoramic Sliding Sunroof (only for sport)

Mercedes benz cla 200 specs - LED high performance headlamps

LED high Performance headlamps – more lighting power, lower energy consumption.

Mercedes benz cla 200 specs - Tail lights

Tail lights – distinctive design, high level of discernibility

Mercedes benz cla 200 specs - Reversing camera

Reversing camera

Mercedes benz cla 200 specs - Memory Package

Memory Package

Colour Options

Colour Options for Mercedes cla 200d sport

Alloy Options

Alloy options for Mercedes cla 200d sport

More Information

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